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The BIG "3" Birthday Vacation in Bangkok Part Two - 2016

Continuation from Part One ~~~

30-Sep-2016 (Friday)

The day I officially turned 30! I don't know to be happy or sad - happy because I learn and grow with wisdom as I aged, sad because I turned a year OLDER. :x

I woke up earlier to go shopping for lingerie at the department store below the hotel. Isetan was having promotion (buy 3 Wacoal items, 15% discount), Zen was having promotion of buying 5000 bhat of Wacoal items, 1000 bhat discount. I decided to buy from Isetan instead and even got VAT refund for purchases over 2000 bhat. Wacoal & Triumph lingerie are really very cheap in bangkok! :)

While walking back to the hotel to meet the bf to go lunch, I noticed that "Kiss the Tiramisu" cafe is available at Central World (which means I do not have to walk to Siam for it). 

I wanted to try Bar-B-Q Plaza mookata but it was always long queue as usual! 

I was already very hungry so the bf suggest a japanese restaurant opposite Bar-B-Q Plaza. We shared a set meal and it was indeed delicious - he fell in love with the fried chicken! 

It was dessert after lunch! I was his queen for the day :p 

150 Bhat [S$5.91] 

The ice-cream doesn't have much Tiramisu taste, loads of cheese/cream at the bottom of the wine glass. This cafe is opening in Singapore soon at Orchard Gateway. 

We walked to Chidlom BTS station to take the BTS to Asok station where Terminal 21 shopping mall was located at. It's my first time to Terminal 21 - there were every cities theme on each level such as Italy, London, Tokyo, Paris etc.  

My main aim was to go to the Jelly Bunny store in this mall - the jelly shoes are slightly cheaper than Singapore. I bought 2 pairs (including 1 for the bf's sister). 

We went up to the last level when the foodcourt was located at - lots of food varieties! 

We shopped around after eating. There was a Daiso store at the basement of the mall - everything at 60 bhat [S$2.36], it is slightly expensive than Singapore. I bought a minnie mouse rice scoop from there, the 1st time for our love nest. LOL~~ 

We walked over to Sukhumvit MRT station to take the train to Kamphaeng Phet station (chaktuchak)) where it was the 1st day of the opening of ARTBOX Thailand. But honestly speaking, do not waste your time to go to ARTBOX, it was so small and mostly are repeated stalls selling same type of drinks/food. :(  

I have read from elsewhere that this current ART BOX are really so much smaller than previous one.

I was there for less than 30 minutes and decided to leave (the sky was dark and could feel slight drizzle).

We took the train to Thailand Cultural Center Station, look out for the Esplanade mall. Walk straight in to the mall and there should be an exit that leads you the newer train market (Rot Fai Market Ratchada).

**Credits to Google Image

The drizzling was getting slightly heavier but still alright. The night market has a number of outdoor bars which were quite cool. I immediately try to find the stall which serve the super big bowl of noodle - 300 bhat [S$11.81].

The bowl is indeed huge and the 2 of us could not finish it - it doesn't really taste fantastic and we got sick of it pretty quick!  :( It was an unsatisfying meal.  We walked around buying some finger food and I forgotten to try the lobster noodle which my cousin told me! :( Till next time then! 

We walked around for abit and feel that time was running short as we wanted to go to Big C Center to get our Pocky snacks. We decided to take a tuk-tuk there, journey was fast & furious, I injured my back when it travelled to fast over rocky roads. :x 

We reached Big C before 9pm and bought our snacks - we did not buy as much as previous time. We had a slight argument because I wanted help him carry stuff but the don't want let me then we had a slight quarrel. Well, misunderstanding because I wanted help him but he don't want me carry heavy stuff. Sigh!

Upon reaching the room, I saw the birthday cake surprise from the hotel.

My 7th cake this year

Thank  you Centara Grand Central World!

The bf suggested to go to the bar area at Central World - where there were live bands, he ordered beers and finger food and I only had soft drink.

It was back to the hotel to pack our luggage and we slept really late that night! 

01-Oct-2016 (Saturday) 

I woke up real early (the bf continue his sleep) despite sleeping late the previous night! I had to go to the Levi's store at Big C center to help my mum buy jeans which was quite cheap, around SGD $40 plus! I also went to the Boots pharmacy and help friends/relatives to buy medicine till around 2000bhat and I can claim VAT refund too! :) 

It was back to the hotel for last minute packing and we checked out around 1pm. 

We wanted to try Bar-B-Q plaza but it was still as crowded as usual! We had no choice but to try another Chinese restaurant instead. The dimsum was good but we paid around S$40 plus for it but the bf said it's worth it!

We walked over to Platinum mall for some last minute shopping and we even had foot massage [250 bhat for one hour] at the 5th level of Platinum mall 2. 

The place was small but service was alright. The bf had foot and back massage but he said that the back massage was torturing him. :p 

We walked back to Central World - am so gonna miss it here, full of memories! 

I wanted to try Kyo Roll En cafe, but it was 5.30pm already but the bf said 6pm go airport still ok. 

The chocolate-strawberry swissroll is really yummy!! The charcoal ice-cream has got no taste and we dip it with strawberry sauce.  Leaving the place with a heavy heart to the airport~~

Thankful for these memories as we grow old together! Thank you, my love :) 

As I grow older, I have seen and experienced many things in life especially rs, friendships, kinship and it made me realized who are the ones who truly treasure a relationship/friendship. I'm also disappointed in some other people who have been taking my friendship/kinship for granted for years and I'm no longer soft-hearted or affected like before. I'm willing to let go of the friendship/kinship which I'm holding on for many years. 

Human should give and take, think for one another and give in at times, we should not only think for ourselves but spare a thought for others too. I cannot expect friends to have the same thoughts as me - I'm foolish in a certain way.  I learnt as I grow each day :)) 

Goodbye to those people in my life - our lives may have crossed path before but you are no longer worth my time in my life anymore.  When time passes, those people will know who they are and why I let go of them. Indeed too much disappointment :( Nonetheless, thank you for teaching me a lesson! :D

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